Does Spring Make Me Write More?

I'm not much for seasons, times of day, or anything else for when I write. I don't have set times for writing. I write whenever I want to or need to write. The need could relate to completing a project on a deadline or be the release valve on an emotional explosion that needs to be defused. I've tried to write in a consistent manner all at the same time or about the things that I know best, but none of that matters much to me either. I write what strikes my fancy.

What I like to try, in fact, is to write something I'd enjoy reading. Sometimes about things I don't know much about. I always think about Ray Bradbury whenever I read a blog post or article advocating to "write what you know." Would Bradbury have written about life on Mars if he wrote what he knew? He certainly didn't live on Mars. I think writing about not only what you don't know, but what you couldn't possibly know, creates a space for imagination that can lead to profound content. We need more of those spaces.