West, Anna

Dark Paradise pulls you into the darker side of island life on St. Thomas. Amid the tropical paradise, the tourists, and cruise ships, lurk shadier characters. When Boise arrives on the island, his childhood home, he is dropped in the midst of it all, charged with shining a light on the darkness and unearthing the secrets that lie there. This book has much more than murder. I loved the different characters, their unique personalities, and the snappy dialogue perfuse with island lingo. I can’t wait to see what mystery Boise pursues next.

Anna West, Writer & Editor

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Felix, Elena

Not only clever with unexpected twists but also well written. Fun, real, unexpected plot that walks you through a two-faced reality where the contrasting beauty of the Clichéd Island living crashed with the complicated reality of human relations. I love the characters. Even the characters that I wasn’t supposed to like have a certain personality element that drove them very close to me, it was like having met them before, or being able to meet them for lunch, I could feel their pain, their conflicts, and their love. I almost didn’t want to finish reading the novel. I really enjoy reading it, and I can’t wait for a second part.

Elena Felix

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